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  1. Milena

    Love the new website and all the little princesses! You can really see how much effort you put into this 🙂
    In the FAQ it says incest will be included, can you tell us who will it be?

    • Breadfly

      Thanks a lot! the creation of this site has a lot of work :D! I can’t say anything about the incestuous characters, it would be a spoiler ;).

  2. Oliver

    Hello! 🙂 I have a question about the Dark Phillip. I’m wondering, is he a reanimated corpse of Phillip infused with Maleficent’s dark magic or he’s simply his evil clone or something? 🙂

    • Breadfly

      None of them, sorry :(.

  3. Oliver

    Are we going to see any gay characters and relationships (or maybe even some gay sex scenes) in the comic?

    • Breadfly

      Of course :D!

  4. Baron Samedi

    hello, i am a big fan of your work and i would like to ask you what font you use for the texts in your comic, i think it’s a perfect font for it

  5. Baron samedi

    Thank you and i can’t wait to see more of this story 😀

  6. Milena

    I love how you redesigned the page! The new buttons are beautiful <3
    Are Wendy and Argus together because they are somehow connected or was it completely random?

    • Breadfly

      Thanks a lot :D!. Who knows why are the together… :D?

      • Anonymous

        He is the time displaced son of Wendy and Peter!

        • Lolo

          About Peter, what happened to him?

          • Breadfly

            Do you really think Argus looks like a son of Wendy and Peter? o.O Peter hasn’t appeared yet ;).

          • Anonymous

            No, not really but it was worth a guess XD In this comic, anything could happen

  7. Milena

    I know you haven’t watched OUAT after season 1 (And I completely understand why), but have you heard they’re adding Cinderella and Archie back? I haven’t watched anything yet but it does sound promising. (Let’s just hope the writers don’t ruin that)

    • Breadfly

      I saw the promo and it is just horrible, Lady Tremaine is now a mad berserker who is trying to kill Cinderella with a shotgun xD.

      • Anonymous

        Not to mention her cane LOL

  8. Anonymus

    I can’t see the other pages :/ 🙁

    • Breadfly

      Las paginas ya han sido publicadas en español e ingles, si no puedes verlo es problema de tu navegador, que esta cacheando la web ( usando una version mas antigua que tu ordenador o movil tienen guardada), para que se te solucione el problema, borra los datos de navegacion de tu navegador, lamentablemente no es algo que podamos arreglar nosotros desde aqui, ya que el problema es de la configuracion personal de tu navegador web :(.

  9. I have a question your old website stops at chapter 16 part 2 is there going to be anymore to that cause chapter 10 is not like chapter 10 on the old site so I’m confused

    • Breadfly

      The chapter X of this new site is equivalent to chapter XVII in the old one. It has been called chapter X now because we are doing a remake and it is composed just by 9 chapters, (chapters will be longer so there’s no need to have so many chapters here). You can read chapter X without any problems because it tells the story where chapter 16 ended.

  10. Lulu Briganza

    Have you seen the new Beauty and the Beast live-action trailer that came out this morning? I know you don’t like the live-action films like Maleficent, Alice (rightfully so on those two) but also the more faithful ones like Cinderella and Jungle Book.

  11. Damian

    I really like this comic, seriosly. A sinister aproach of the Disney characters…perfect.
    I would prefer that there were more relevant male characters, so it would be more equal, but thats just my opinion.
    But I wanted to ask you some things, just for curiosity.
    -Are you spanish? If not you have a good level of spanish.
    -Any particular reason for not having comments in the spanish main page?
    -And with wich frecuency do you upload new pages? I found out about this comic a few days ago and I’m already eager for a new one.

    • Breadfly

      Thanks a lot for reading our comic 😀 😀 :D! Yes, we are from Spain :D. We don’t have comments in the Spanish website because of the spam, for some reason we had a lot of spammers posting links to their online shops in our home page o.O, so we had to disable the comments on the home page ;W;. We haven’t updated yet because my graphic tablet (The thing I use to create digital art) died a week ago, I have bought a new one in the online shop of Wacom, but it takes a little time to arrive ;W;.

      • Damian

        Pues vaya. Una lastima que por spammers tengais que quitar los comentarios. Ah y yo tambien soy de España ^^.
        Por curiosidad, solo vais a meter personajes humanos o hay hueco para otros?
        Es que estaba pensando en Jim Hawkins y la Capitana Amelia de El Planeta del Tesoro. Pero no creo que pongais esos personajes, o si?

        • Breadfly

          Por suerte no habia ningun comentario que no fuese spam, por lo cual no se perdio ninguno… Aun asi mas adelante espero reabrir esa seccion cuando de con un buen filtro de spam para wordpress. Eran un porblema ya que muchos ellos llevaban a sitios con malware ;W;. Meter personajes que sean animales es un follon demasiado grande, ya que recordemos que los protagonistas de este comc son humanos y los humanos suele comer carne animal, motivo por el cual quedaria muy raro y segun en que circunstancia hasta infantil. Si te soy honesta ni siquiera he visto la pelicula de El planeta del tesoro xD, y mira que la tengo en dvd original… pero por motivos que ya se veran mas adelante no pueden salir personajes ”espaciales” porque no son compatibles con la mitologia de este comic ;W;.

          • Damian

            Lo entiendo. Y lo de los personajes espaciales, ya lo suponia pero siempre esta la opcion de cambiar El Planeta del Tesoro por la La Isla del Tesoro y usar diseños similares. Es que esta película es mi peli Disney favorita y me encantan sus personajes por eso me gustaría que apareciesen pero si no pegan no, por supuesto.

  12. Dan

    I found out about this comic a few days ago and I’m already eager to see a new page. You are doing some serious god damn job here! I love your version of the Evil Queen.
    If I would have to change something it would be to add some more relevant male character. At least one or two more. But that’s just my opinion.
    By the way, how much does it take to make a new page with such quality?

    • Breadfly

      Thanks a lot :D! There are a few important male characters to appear yet, one of them will appear in this chapter 😀 😀 😀 :D. We take some time to create a new page. about two or three days (it depends on the page). I’m not going to lie you, it’s a very slow process to create a new page, you have to make the sketch, inking, colouring… but it’s very funny :D.

  13. Is “The Princess and the Frog” characters going to show up in this comic at any point?
    Your story is amazing, fascinating and interesting ♥

  14. Alyssia Laude

    Hello !! I wanted to say that I truly like your comic with Disney chacracters. The story is really interesting and more sinister , it is really enjoyable and your drawings are absolutely beautifuls !! ^^ I hope we will see the next pages soon. Continue your comic , it is fascinating <3 🙂

  15. Nuno

    Is mulan going to appear? If so, when?

  16. Is “The Princess and the Frog” characters going to show up in this comic at any point?
    If so, when ?

    • Breadfly

      Yes, they will appear, but I can’t tell you when ;).

      • So cool 🙂
        Will they of the main characters or will they make a brief appearance ?
        I really love your comic !♥

  17. New to your blog. Stumbled upon it browsing the web. Keep up the great work. I am hoping you update it regularly.

  18. Shelby

    Have you guys ever read the story “The Princess and the Goblin?”

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