-What is The Little Crooked Tale?

The Little Crooked Tale is an adult webcomic (not recommended for people under 18) in which the main characters are mostly Disney female characters, and other characters from fairytales or literature. It is composed by a mix of different comic genres (horror, thriller, drama, romance and action to be exact). If you’ve ever wanted to see Aurora with a crossbow or Disney princes dying one after another this is your comic :).

-Why is this comic for people over 18?

This comic has very very violent scenes, gore, explicit nudity, sex scenes, incest, psychological abuse, cruelty and discrimination. If you are one of those people who have a bad time with those kind of things I would not recommend you this comic;).

-Why do you take ”so much time” to create new pages?

Make a comic page takes a long time, in French comic book industry the usual thing is creating a comic page every two weeks.  It’s not that we are simply slow, A high quality comic page with a deep colour work, a fine lineart and detailed backgrounds require quite some time. Besides, we realize this comic just in our free time, so we could say that we are even ” fast ” updating this comic ;).

-Will the CGI princesses (Anna, Elsa, Rapunzel, Merida…) appear in this comic?

No, and the reason is simple , we don’t like them. Although we’ll draw our own version of their original fairytales based on the discarded concept arts of these films ;).

-Will Moana appear in this comic?

No, if Rapunzel and Elsa are not going to appear, Moana either.

-How many chapters will have this comic?

The comic itself is composed by three main parts, and each part as well by several chapters, we can not give you an exact number of the total chapter or pages, but we can guarantee you this comic will be very long ?.

-Why do some characters have different colours as they are in the original films?

We based our colours in the original ones from the “production cels” that were used to make the film (A production cel is an original hand painted frame from a traditional animation movie) , We don’t work with colours from actual remaster editions, nor the colours of the technicolor version. There are some exceptions such as the eyes(we use a more realistic iris for everyone here, they are also very bright so it’s impossible to create a real dark eye colour).

-Some Disney characters look different, why this change?

Most of Disney characters come from different movies, with different styles and body anatomies. If we’d kept this, we would have had problems like Ariel being very short in comparison to Aurora for example. Due to this, we needed to make some anatomy fixes to ensure all the characters look proportional side by side. Some cases are special, like Snow White’s, who has a completely new design.This is due to her original design is very inconsistent, and it hasn’t aged well, turning out to be even scary in comparison to other characters.

-Which Disney characters are going to appear?

Mulan, Pocahontas, Megara, Jane Porter, Esmeralda… for example ;).

-What’s going to happen next in the plot?

Before you ask this question, you need to understand we wouldn’t be good authors if we just reply every question which contains spoilers, this can be really upsetting to other readers ;).